Capture the moments of happiness on the wedding day (Elegant Wedding) must be a separate part of the series of events on your special day.

1. Package with an expensive price is no guarantee that you will get good quality. Quality works of photography is not merely associated with the amount of cost, really.

2. Inexpensive package. Hey, a friend who loves photography (Elegant Photography) says that photography is not a generic product. So you do not directly choose a product with very cheap price and below average regardless of its quality (Lux Photography).

3. Photo Studio. If you choose to take photos at the photo studio has more than one photographer, make sure you know the true results of his work (Elegant Photography). You can pick and choose which photographer you want to work together.

4. Black & White. If black and white images into your choice, the following tips you need to refer to. Make sure that the photographer will deal directly with the image (Lux Wedding) you are. Almost impossible to get the black and white print quality than the photographer handle himself.

5. Contract. If you make an agreement about the image, such as the number of images (Lux Photography) you will receive, if you will get your photos on CD or not, do not just put their faith in words alone.

6. Last advice, you should, you still prefer full-time photographer. That does not mean part-time photographers are not qualified, not at all (Lux Wedding). It's just that there is a tendency people who devote themselves to the total of his work producing better work. Unless you believe that part-time photographer that you want is quality.

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