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Your longtime sweetheart has just proposed to you and you are on your way to planning your Phoenix dream wedding. You want your wedding to be a reflection of both of you as a couple. If you are opting on something else rather than a traditional wedding, a theme wedding may just be the thing you are looking for. In fact this type of wedding is one of the hottest trends in weddings nowadays.

In choosing a theme wedding, you can live out your fantasies and there is no limit to your imagination. Incorporating a design throughout the whole wedding affair can add a touch of elegance and personality to the event. It will be a wonderful sight captured in your wedding photography Phoenix. Depending on the theme you choose, you can imagine yourself living in another time or place. The most important thing is you choose something that is meaningful and romantic to you and your fiancé.

You should determine the exact feel you want for your wedding. This can be a good place to start when deciding a theme. Ask yourself and your fiancé what feeling you want your guests to experience in your wedding day. A monogram which is an intertwining initials of the couple can be easily incorporated into the wedding. If this is not what you are looking for, think about your hobbies and interests. There are so many wedding theme ideas you can choose from and the possibilities are almost endless. To get your list started, choose your theme around a season, era, color and fantasy.

One way you can truly set the tone for a themed wedding is the wedding invitation. This is where you can begin using your theme. If it is a fantasy or princess-like wedding, then you can have carriages and castle designs on the wedding invitations. Use your imagination and be creative.

You can also incorporate your theme in the wedding reception venue. Use lighting effects that can complement the atmosphere you want to create. Decorate the whole venue with flower choice and colors. For instance, roses can be appropriate for a Victorian theme. The theme can extend to table centerpieces, chair decorations and the entryway. But remember not to overdo the decorations. It is best to choose one or two major motifs from the theme and just use simple elements so that the whole event will not look tacky.

It is also a good idea to create a main piece of attraction. It could either be old photographs of the couple set in an elegant frame or your magnificently made wedding cake. This will be a vision to behold in your wedding photography Phoenix.

An easy way to bring in a wedding theme is through customized wedding favors. For a fairytale wedding theme, the favors can be chocolate castles or carriages or even miniature glass slippers.

And lastly, do not let the theme distract you from the true meaning of your wedding day. Remember that this day is yours and you deserve to enjoy it with your husband no matter what the decorations are.

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