Photography comes from the Greek words meaning Writing with Light and first introduced in 1839 by Sir John Herschel. Now photography and wedding photography is a major part of our culture, something that every person acknowledge. many people have family wedding photos placed in their house, preserving dear memories for ages.

Wedding Photography is defined as The art or process of producing images by the photographer - in a moment and using an action of light on surfaces sensitized by chemical processes”. The average individual never has to deal with this technical description as they just take pictures with their camera and then drop them off someplace to be processed. They acquire their prints back on fine glossy paper that they can then see the pictures whenever they wish.

There are also immediate develop photos, generally known as the Polaroid, in which the paper itself contains the chemicals needed and when the paper exposed to light for few seconds, the picture will be processed. Many person Like these as you can see your image almost immediately but over the years, the feature has improved with other films and various person changed to other types of cameras.

Photography and wedding Photography especially has turn into an art form of many dissimilar kinds. Some kinds of shooting are artistic photography, photojournalism, documentary photography, portrait photography, event photography, family photography, nature photography, advertising photography, underwater photography, satellite photography and more.
Photography is a general pastime for numerous people. It is a livelihood for many other people. One of the most recent revelations in photography is the digital camera and digital image. People no longer have to use the film and printing as digital images can be downloaded onto a laptop and seen straightaway.

The most ultra-modern camera for common man use is approximately $200. This May appear pricey but when compared to the cost of roll and processing, you can save a lot by going this way. You can make as many copies as your want, so copies are unlimited. You can even print copies of your digital photographs from your laptop.

Photography has come a long way since its early days but its popularity has not waned.

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