Firstly, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, we hope your plans are going well and you are looking forward to your big day.

When your thoughts turn to choosing your wedding photographer to capture those special moments for you how do you make the right decision. There are many things you should consider before choosing your wedding photographer so we have compiled a list of the 10 things we believe are important.

Have you seen the photographers work ?
Initially the photographers website is a good place to start, try to view a selection of images taken throughout a typical wedding day from a number of different weddings. Be prepared to call your photographer to have an informal chat about your requirements or better still arrange a visit to meet.

Who will take your wedding photographs ?
If you hire a photographer from a wedding photography studio it is wise to know exactly who will take your wedding pictures on the day and see samples of their work.

What about the \'style\' of wedding photography ?
Would you like your wedding photography to be classicly formal or strictly reportage or as is normally the case a mixture of both. Make sure your photographer has the ability to deliver your preferred style of wedding photography in a confident manner.

Will your photographer work alone ?
Many photographers prefer to work alone though if your preference is for a mixture of photographic styles for your wedding photography then an assistant/second photographer can be a real bonus. If this service is available is it an extra cost or included within the price of your wedding photography package.

Have you met your photographer ?
We believe this plays an important part in choosing your photographer, you will learn much by meeting in person. Your photographer will be with you throughout your wedding day and you need to feel not only confident in their ability but comfortable in their prescence. If it is not possible to meet your photographer in person before your wedding day then ask for testimonials from previous clients. If the photographer has an assistant/second photographer then try to meet them as well. Don\'t be afraid to ask how your photographer will be dressed for your wedding day.

Is your photographer qualified ?
Whilst not essential a qualified photographer has a level of professional attainment and has the benefit of continuous education through meetings, programmes, access to educational materials and sharing knowledge with their peers. Belonging to a professional photographic body ensures the photographer adheres to strict ethics in both their photography and business practices.

Everything is going well but what if ?
Hiring an experienced photographer will greatly reduce the \'what if\' factor. Things like having backup to cover equipment failure, professional equipment like fast lenses for low light work, studio lights for indoor photography on dark days are all essential consideraions. Your photographer should also have the experience to know how to adapt when things go wrong often without you even being aware of a problem.

Local knowledge ?
When choosing your preferred wedding venue how good is the photographers knowledge of the area. This may make a difference when it comes to ideas for suitable locations for your wedding photography.

Does your photographer have insurance ?
If not, why not?

And finally are there any hidden extras ?
Whilst considering your photographer and wedding photography package ensure there are no hidden extras and that all prices are well defined and transparent. Is the assistant/second photographer included? Are there any additional travel costs? How reasonable are the after sale prices?

We hope this has been helpful and of interest in enabling you to choose your wedding photographer.

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